Charlotte Couple tackles Immigration with a Children’s Book.
When my husband, an Englishman, and I finally got together romantically it was after eight years of friendship, and years
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woman holding newly born baby
The Top Yoga Techniques to Empower Postpartum Mommas.
We all know there is a lot to think about when you are a new momma. Making decisions for self-care
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Abundance is an Open Hand.
We are more than half way through 2018. And with the buzz of college students flocking back to campus, and
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blood moon in night sky with clouds
Why the Blood Moon is a Bloody Big Deal
          Millions of celestial fans from Santorini to Cairo, from Dubai to Harare, in cities across
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Are your Past Lives Hijacking the Present Moment?
            It was 20 A.D., around the time when Jesus walked, and I was a
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Upcoming Events!
Fall is going to be a busy time full of lot’s of opportunities for yoga therapy, meditation and wild women
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Interview on Spiritual Charlotte Podcast
Interested in finding out more about hypnosis and past-life regression therapy? Check out my interview on the Spiritual Charlotte Podcast! 
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Diastasis Recti
Diastasis Recti is a fancy term for when the abdominal wall begins to give way to intra-abdominal pressure. That means
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What a Brothel in Johannesburg taught me about Shame.
My greatest teacher on shame wasn’t some great researcher or professor, or even some spiritual guru or book. No, I stumbled
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