Intuitive healing doesn’t have to be as woo-woo and out there as it’s often made out to be. We’ve all had a gut reaction to an experience. Whether it was simply knowing that something bad was going to happen or the person you bumped into was a soulmate. Our gut or intuition guides us towards things that are either right or wrong. The problem is most of us are so truly disconnected from our spirit that we have a hard time listening and discerning what is ours and what is someone else’s.

Healing happens exponentially faster when it is done intuitively. If an illness, trauma, or interpersonal conflict has caused you to feel disconnected from your own intuition, I use mine to tap into it. Through the use of yoga therapy, intuitive guidance, Reiki and energy work, I aid in shifting mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual obstacles that are blocking you from receiving the innate wisdom you seek. I also use hypnotherapy to allow clients to tap into their own subconscious and inner wisdom. These sessions help to guide you towards the desires of your highest Self and to attract situations in life that would serve the highest purpose of your soul in this lifetime. Tools used could simply be talking, hiking, journaling, art, yoga, energy work, aromatherapy, as well as anything else that is intuitively guided. No one session ever looks a like, because each and every soul is unique.

From John Welwood’s book “Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships,”

“You will discover that your wounding is not a fault or a defect but rather a guiding compass that can lead to greater connectedness. And this will allow you to live more creatively with the tension between love’s inherent perfection and relationship’s inevitable imperfection.” p.21

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