We are all energetic bodies. Science is finally catching up to what spiritualists always knew. Institutes such as HeartMath are measuring the cardioelectromagnetic field of the heart, and multiple studies show that Reiki and other energetic healing tools are useful healing modalities. It can often be challenging to conceptualize something we can’t grasp with our typical five senses. But just because you can’t see energy doesn’t mean it’s not real. We can’t see the air, and yet we feel it’s presence when the wind blows. Reiki and energy work is a similar concept. It is simply moving and shifting energetic blocks through the chakra system.

I use a chakra based model to help identity areas of the body that may be experiencing blockages. Chakras are energetic spinning wheels which appear in many lineages of sacred religious tradition, but also are mirrored through Western models of thought, such as the modern mapping of the endocrine system. They also line up with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which progresses from physiological security, safety, love and belonging, self-esteem, all the way to self-actualization.  Just like our hormones and endocrine system is constantly shifting according to our everyday lives, diet, and experiences, so too our chakras ebb and flow and sometimes experience blocks. By opening blocks in these vital life centers many people feel more energized to live life according to their highest truth. Through lifestyle modifications, yoga asanas, art, mantras, and meditations, I try to give you the tools necessary to empower you to keep the centers open after sessions.



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“Life is painful at times, and spiritually, we are meant to face the pains that life presents. In the Western world, however, we often misrepresent God’s plan for us and expect life to be comfortable and free of trouble. We measure God’s presence in our lives by our level of personal comfort; we believe God is here if our prayers are answered. But neither God nor Buddha nor any other spiritual leader or tradition guarantees or encourages a pain-free life. Spiritual teachings encourage us to grow past and through painful experiences, each of which is a spiritual lesson. Developing intuitive ability will help us learn the lessons inherent in our experiences.” –Carolyn Myss “Anatomy of the Spirit” p.38

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