Therapeutic yoga is the integration of ancient yogic wisdom with traditional allopathic emotional and physical medicine. Yoga is becoming increasingly popular as a tool to address and moderate the symptoms associated with anxiety, depression and PTSD. Study after study in the field of neuroscience has proven that the only true way to change the landscape of our brain and emotions is by befriending the internal experience. Unfortunately, we live in a society where it has become all too common to try and find any easy fix or bandaid, often through a magic pill. While that may be a short term solution, it does not empower the individual to really learn emotional regulation techniques to moderate extreme experiences and stressors. 

Often people who have experienced trauma or extreme stress don’t find sensory experiences to be safe. I teach mindfulness and self-awareness, along with somatic tools to empower the individual to self-regulate, while containing a safe space to experience and process emotions. Our bodies are designed to deal with stress, however many of us never read the manual to learn how to tap into those internal resources. The goal of these sessions is not to have you work with me forever, but to teach you useful tools to tap into to deal with strong emotions, experiences, sensations, and flashbacks. 

During a therapeutic yoga individual or small group session, clients will be guided through practices tailored to fit their specific physical or emotional goals. Whether you have practiced yoga extensively or have never even touched your toes, this practice is accessible and open for all bodies. Through the union of mind, body and spirit, clients will be guided through an integrated healing experience. No experience, flexibility, or strength is required, simply a willingness to heal.

“Drugs cannot “cure” trauma; they can only dampen the expressions of a disturbed physiology. And they do not teach the lasting lessons of self-regulation. They can help to control feelings and behavior, but always at a price–because they work by blocking the chemical systems that regulate engagement, motivation, pain, and pleasure.” –Bessel van der Kolk, M.D. “The Body Keeps Score” p224.

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