Interview on Spiritual Charlotte Podcast

Interested in finding out more about hypnosis and past-life regression therapy? Check out my interview on the Spiritual Charlotte Podcast! 

Spiritual Charlotte Podcast Interview


Today we are joined by the “Wonder Woman of Many Healing Trades”, (that’s what we like to call her), Cait Allison, Davidson, NC – based Hypntherapist & Intuitive Cunselor, who is breaking down hypnotherapy and past life regression work for us, with a few recaps of Kendall’s experience of “going under” in Cait’s office!

Cait talks about how past-life regressions and hypnotherapy can be incredible tools to achieve deep and profound healing.

She says, “Hypnosis, similar to meditation, offers a beautiful way to bridge the subconscious and the conscious. However, hypnosis is much more goal oriented and clients will be working with the hypnotherapist towards achieving a certain change in their conscious lives. Some people come to me to heal certain phobias or relationship patterns, while others come with a curiosity about how their past is informing their present. Each experience is uniquely tailored to the individual and illuminates the universal truth that emotions and memories can move seamlessly across the same/time continuum. Remembering who you truly are and the sacred contract to came into this life time with can lead to a more purposeful and empowered experience of healing,

Besides the fact that she is radiant, and everyone in Lake Norman and Charlotte who has worked with her says radiant things about her radiance, do you see why we needed to chat her up?!

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