This page is a continuation of books, articles, and on-line support that I have come across and found useful. If you know of others please send them my way so that this might become a collaborative effort to build a tapestry of resources and support. 

Helpful Books


Yoga Therapy:


Spirituality and Metaphysics:

Cultural Analysis on Motherhood:


Helpful Links


Here is my PDF of Lake Norman area birthing resources: 

LKN resources

National Statistics on Motherhood…try to guess how many new mommas are out there! 

Birth Doula Fact sheet: Doulas and Health Care Providers Working Together for Better Maternal and Infant Outcomes

Evidence Based Birth 

Benefits of Cord Blood Banking

Free birth plan generator

Cord blood information

Infant Risk Center

Social Security Disability Benefits Guide

Post Partum Support

Symptoms of post partum psychosis in plain English

TONS of free PDFs for postpartum period

Recipe for witch hazel padsicles  Recipe number two

Questions about induction

To Induce or Not to Induce

Trauma support

Early Trauma it’s Potential Impact on the Childbearing Woman, and the Role of the Midwife

Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

Presence during recovery

Benefits of meditation

The Americanization of Mental Illness

What a Shaman Sees at a Mental Hospital

Support for growing kids

Neurology wellness

Creating to aid in development at all ages

Pregnancy blogs

Top 25 best pregnancy blogs

Mama Birth

Pregnant Chicken

Birth without Fear

The Shape of a Mother

A Beautiful Body Project

Giving Birth with Confidence

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