“It is a rare therapy experience and therapist that helps fundamentally shift your beliefs and expands your life, but that’s what having a past-life regression session with Cait did for me.  After a series of physical issues, I decided to have a past-life regression session as part of my healing process.  I was extremely nervous during my session, but I quickly learned that Cait is a compassionate and talented professional.  It’s never easy to do something that steps you outside of your norms, and I certainly never thought I would ever have a past-life regression session, but I will be forever grateful that I stepped forward to experience it despite my fears.

I found the session to be extremely powerful in helping me fundamentally shift limiting beliefs.  It gave me a sense of peace and knowing around who I am as a spiritual being and for that, I am so deeply grateful.   The benefits I received from my session kept unfolding in subtle ways for many months after my session.  It was so beautiful to see how the understanding and insight I gained from my session gave me a new sense of peace and compassion with people and situations in my life that would have previously made me stressed and uncomfortable. 

I can’t thank Cait enough for her willingness to step forward and serve in this unique way.  She is a rare find as a therapist and healer.   I encourage anyone who is interested in living the most expanded and joyful life possible to reach out to Cait to have this powerful experience!” Tami Hechtel

 “I was initially skeptical that my ten year old son would be willing to try this experience. Cait has an immediate warmth and bonding with children that allows them to not only be comfortable with her but to also open up and benefit from her expertise. She has tremendous compassion and patience for children.” -Anonymous

“You were steadfastly patient time and time again with me, helping me overcome and rebound to know what to do to become my positive, optimistic, hopeful self again. I have been trying to be so positive my whole life, and you allowed me to heal through talk therapy and mindfulness. Thank you so much for putting me back on the right track! I know from here on out I will have my inner strength again, with positivity and love.” -Client 

“If you are in need of different approach to a problem area in your body, Cait brings in-depth knowledge and effectiveness to you in a systematic and gentle manner. I can personally attest to her help with my shoulders (rotator cuff problem) in building flexibility and strength to a long-term aggravating discomfort. The mental approach as well helped me focus and appreciate my body.”-Larry Kline

 Cait works with my family in several capacities. She is an extremely knowledgeable yoga instructor. She has the unique gift to really tap into the mind, body, soul connection with every class. I have learned to calm my mind, breathe and focus in yoga but really transfer that practice into my daily life. As a therapist, Cait has the ability to assess the situation quickly, which is very beneficial to the client. This comes from Cait’s flexibly and unique approach. She has catered therapy sessions to include dinner on the town, yoga, shopping, traditional talk, hiking, you name it it’s possible! Cait possesses a wisdom beyond her years. She is a very calming influence and has an amazing perspective of how to maintain balance and harmony within the person and family unit.  Stephanie

“Cait is like Ganesh, remover of obstacles. Helping clear the path for creative, life flowing energy! Danyaward (Sankrit for THANKYOU from the depths of my soul to yours.) We wouldn’t be here without you.  –Evelyn

 “A bad back, bum knee, and shoulder surgery were bad enough but after my doctor told me I had spinal arthritis I asked what I could do to help with the pain.  She recommended I try yoga and more specifically individual yoga therapy.  She recommended I call Cait so I did.  I started out once a week and now do twice a week.  Cait comes to the house and my wife joins in.  The one time my wife was out of town I even got my youngest daughter to join in.  Cait is great to work with and is very respectful of what we can and cannot do.  She makes learning new poses very easy and is very knowledgeable with the various ailments that I have.  She has tailored a personal regiment for me to do daily and it all has helped my pain lessen.  My wife and I both would highly suggest any one that has pain or if you just want to improve your life to call Cait and start working with her.  Just don’t expect to get our time since we plan on working with Cait for quite some time.” -Mike and Beth 

“I just love Cait’s style, energy, and spirit. Her practice is so thoughtful and full of kindness. I love the mindfulness aspect of yoga combined with a flow that just makes you feel good…Cait weaves these two things perfectly. -Andrea

“You were such a HUGE help and I couldn’t have gotten through natural childbirth without you!! I’m not sure Nate could have either—haha! I am so grateful that you were there to get me through and help our sweet little man come into the world!” –Jen and Nate

“Thank you so much for everything you did for us and sweet Emersyn. You went above and beyond. I will most definitely recommend you to everyone I know”. –Kristi and John

“We can’t say enough great things about Cait Klein as a doula!  From working with her in the weeks leading up to giving birth, and now, in the months following the birth of our son, Cait has been an invaluable resource.  Cait was supportive of every single one of our decisions and was instrumental in the development of our birthing plan.  My husband and I had a good deal of anxiety leading up to my due date, but Cait’s calm nature was a true blessing once our little one decided to join us.  She was calm, cool, and collected in the birthing suite, not saying too much, and encouraging us to try tons of different ideas for pain and stress management.  Whether it was an encouraging word, or a back rub during a contraction, Cait was our rock.  My husband was thrilled to have her in the room with us, and instead of getting between my husband and I, she simply helped wherever and however she could.  Immediately after our son was born he needed tending from the NICU team, so my husband stayed with him while Cait stayed at my side while the doctors and nurses took care of me.  She’s had several follow up appointments with us now that we are post-partum and every time we see her she has new insights into how to manage everything from post-partum depression to sleep schedules and feeding routines.  She has also put us in touch with some great resources in the area that have been an added bonus for us.  We would recommend Cait to anyone seeking any kind of guidance throughout the birth process.” -Gordie and Jessica

“Words cannot express how thankful John and I are for everything you did to help us bring Finn into this world.  Your approach is so gentle, caring and sincere, and I felt completely secure knowing you were by my side.  The added touches of the candles, lavender diffuser and essential oils made the experience calming and pleasant for everyone. Your card and flowers that you brought up to the room were very sweet.  Reading your card solidified my admiration for you and also made us feel that we can do this “parenting thing” because you had confidence in us.  I cried several times reading what you wrote, and I cannot wait for Finn to read it one day too. Going through this journey with you made me realize that some situations in life cannot be planned for, and it is in those times that we need to find our inner strength and have faith that it will all be okay.  Yes, the C-section wasn’t on the birth plan that we created, but I knew that this was God’s plan for my baby.  And with your encouragement, my sweet baby came into this world healthy and perfect!  Cait, you’ll never know how special you are to us!” -Jaimee and John

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