When I lived in Johannesburg, South Africa, I worked with severely burned children from all over Africa at an organization called Children of Fire. I was a jack of all trades: I worked with children with multiple disabilities and needs aged 3-18 in the school, I did speech therapy, I taught yoga, and I did some emotional processing with some of the older girls. The amount of trauma these young children had experienced was unthinkable, and yet they were resilient fighters. One of the children I worked closely with, Bongani, had severe behavioral problems. Through patience, perseverance and presence with him, we were able to make huge strides in his behavior and school performance.

Back in the States, I have worked with several other children who have been referred to me from pediatric counselors, doctors and neurologists to work through anxiety, depression, sensory processing issues, and behavioral problems. Each child is completely unique and thus our work together is unique and creative. Working with kids is some of my favorite work to do, because it is such a creative process. For one child I worked with water was the answer. We did a ton of work in the pool, and the way the water hugged his nervous system was completely supportive, nurturing and healing for him. Another kid, the use of animals and dogs was imperative for his healing process. And for another, creative arts and crafts, and some free style dance was the answer. Each child is wildly enigmatic and creative, and I use that energy to help uncover their own tools to help them process their emotions. This is not a one pill, one practice, magic fix. This work takes patience, but is incredibly rewarding to watch children uncover their own modalities and tools for healing and processing.

I have had a lot of success with children and therapeutic yoga in conjunction with their therapists and counselors. If you are interested, please contact me today.

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