With compassionate presence, patience and perseverance, I take clients from feeling isolated in their own bodies to feeling connected to, and in charge of, their physical, emotional and spiritual experiences. I do not promise a quick fix, a magic pill, or a cloud-nine feeling. What I do guarantee is a completely authentic opportunity to feel safe in your body, mind and soul.

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I have found yoga therapy and hypnotherapy to be a powerful ways to achieve empowerment through embodiment.  All of my healing sessions are steeped in accessible therapeutic language in order to address specific physical/mental ailments, while we work together to break down entrenched mental/emotional boundaries. By considering the entirety of mind, body, and spirit, I seek to address healing in a comprehensive, holistic, and lasting way, rather than simply providing a band-aid on certain symptoms. Through the use of several alternative modalities, including hypnosis, therapeutic yoga, art, journaling, reiki, experiential therapy,  and intuitive healing, I help my clients to reclaim, reconnect to, and relearn to love and embrace themselves in mind, body and soul. While I specialize in working with those suffering from PTSD from sexual assault or birth trauma, and grief work, I also have experience with a variety of other issues. In addition to offering trauma-informed hypnosis and grief work, I also work with those grappling with anxiety and/or depression, children with behavioral issues, and birthing mothers of all different backgrounds. What I hope for each of my clients, is that she or he walks away from working with me with a sense of being fully comfortable in his/her own body, a sense of empowerment, and a higher sense of self-worth. The journey, while often vulnerable, can be a wildly rewarding one.

I serve the Lake Norman and Greater Charlotte, NC region. If you are interested in my services, but are outside of my region of travel, I am happy to assist you in finding a healer in your area. Call today for a free phone consultation 1-484-651-2699.

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 Ganapati or Ganesha, the Hindi elephant god, represents the removal of all obstacles and provision of auspiciousness. Through intuitive therapy and alternative healing tools, I aim to remove blockages and stagnated thought patterns so mental clarity can shine through. 


Stemming from the traditional Greek word meaning “slave” or “servant,” a doula is a woman who holds the space for vulnerability.  Whether it’s mothering a mother through childbirth or walking with an individual as she/he gives birth to a new self, doula workers simply hold space for transitional periods. 


Yoga comes from the Sanskrit work meaning to yoke. It translates more accurately union and is a way to access something higher through the body.